Finest Invest Answers the Question: Why Can You Break a Lease?

Once you’ve signed into a lease to rent a property, you are in a legal agreement with the landlord or property management company for the duration of the lease. Although you will need to follow the terms of the lease once it is signed there are some instances in which you are allowed to break your lease.

You probably do not want to break the lease unless you already have a place to live lined up. Sometimes rental properties are hard to come by and you do not want to put yourself into any kind of situation. But, there are many things that could cause you to want to break the lease that you signed.

Finest Invest reveals some of the most common reasons that people break their leases.

·    Dangerous: If the home that you live in is dangerous due to a roof that is caving in, floors that are not installed correctly, or other issues, you might be able to break the lease if you’ve informed the landlord of the issue and the repairs are not made or are not made the right way.

·    Military Services: Another reason that a lease can be broken is if you’ve been called to active military services. Serving the country is definitely a valid reason to break a lease.

·    Domestic Violence: Some areas protect victims of domestic violence by allowing them to break the lease if it is going to help them get away from an abusive partner. You should check locally to find out if this is something that you can do.

·    Threats: If the tenant of a rental unit is threatened by neighbors or others in the area, there is another reason that the lease can be broken.

These are some of the reasons that a lease can be broken, but there are also other reasons that we’ve not listed here. If you feel that you need to break the lease and that you have good legal reasons to break the lease, you should talk to a lawyer or legal real estate expert.

When you break a lease for any of the above reasons, you may be okay because these are legal matters. However, this is not always the case. Additionally, you can move from the unit any time that you wish but doing so before the term of the lease is oftentimes a violation and may result in severe penalties that include payment of the rent amount until another renter is found for the unit.

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Breaking a Lease

There are many reasons why you might need to break a lease, as it is easy to see from the information here. If you decide that you want to break the lease, make sure that you do so the right way. There could be a lot of problems if you break the lease the wrong way. When the verdict is in your favor, make sure that you do it the right way and come out the winner.