How the BBG Workout review fits in nicely with the kayla itsines workout

Like the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review you’ll be reading in a moment, it’s hoped that this modest contribution you’re reading now will give you the encouragement needed to finally get off of your butt and get down on your knees to finally start pulling your weight to do some serious exercise and other things that’s going to help you get rid of you BBG figure for once and for all and slip into those slinky bikinis that you’ve only dreamt about on your miserable old couch.

Did you think that this intro was a bit harsh?

No, it really wasn’t meant to be but you must have heard that hollering so many times before. Only the thing is; that hollering wasn’t coming from anyone else but you. As you tucked into your larger than life potato crisps, you just couldn’t get that noise out of your head. Your body’s been crying out for help for a long time. That’s why you’ve been this miserable. It wasn’t just the sagging sigh you let out as you tried to squeeze in a view of your figure in your bedroom’s full-size mirror; it was really all about how you were feeling inside.

And that’s what a kayla itsines workout does for you. At the end of the day, at the end of each workout, well, after a few weeks on the program anyhow, you’ll be feeling like Wonder Woman, wondering why you never got down to exercising before. The program shows you just how easy it is to move your butt into action. It shows you just how easy the exercises are to do. Step by step guides show you how gently you’ll be moving your body into gear.

kayla itsines workout

And don’t for a moment think that you’re going to be confined to the exercise mat in the comfort of your home. Oh no, that’s not how it works. Why be boring as they say. And what does boredom do to you. It makes you miserable, right. You’ll be doing a lot more than just exercises on the mat. You’ll be out and about on regular walks in your favorite parks. You’ll even be joining others in yoga classes that help to keep your strengthening muscles supple and your mind as calm as can be.

Back on the exercise mat, you’ll be doing a variety of exercises, just a few reps each before moving onto the next exercise or routine. And there’ll be decent breaks for you in-between. Will all this make you hungry? Of course it will that’s the object of the exercise. Will all these exercises be sapping your energy? After a few weeks, not really. While you’re shedding the pounds, your new diet will be focused a lot on protein enrichment, even at breakfast time.

Things like salmon and fat-free turkey help shed the fat but also provide you with loads of energy and muscle building strength.